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Les Touilleurs

Since it opened in 2002, Les Touilleurs has been the stylish gourmand’s hangout of choice in upmarket Outremont. So much so that it had to double its floor space. It is a temple of kitchen design created by Louise Savoie, with all-white walls, large white display cabinets, long marble countertops and clever lighting. As well as looking good itself, it also sells some of the most stylish kitchenware in the business, including Wüsthof-Trident, All-Clad, Calphalon and Mauviel. Owners François Longpré and Sylvain Côté also run cooking classes and chef demonstrations in the shop, for those who might actually want to get some of their stuff dirty.

IN CIRCLE entrée

Fall 2008


We go crazy at Les Touilleurs, a superchic shop “pour la cuisine” with beautiful Canadian maple cooking tools shaped and sanded by hand, and then finished with beeswax polish. Almost too pretty to use, they would make a great gift for noncooks, who could group them in a container as décor.

By Jules Maddox


March 2007

ELLE DECOR goes to Montreal
Amid the great boutiques of the Mile End neighborhood is Les Touilleurs, home of brightly colored French oyster knives and handcrafted maple kitchen tools by Quebec artisan Tom Littledeer.

By Everett Potter


Vol. 4, no 8
December 2006 – January 2007

. . . pour bien cuisiner, il faut être bien outillé. Et quoi de mieux pour le faire que de se rendre chez Les Touilleurs. Ici, on « touille» (remuer, tourner) et on a tout pour le faire! Pour se mettre aux sauces et vinaigrettes maison, il n’y a rien que l’on ne trouvera pas ici, du bol à la cuillère en bois, en passant par le chaudron en cuivre que tous les chefs utilisent. Et les articles, qui « équipent » cette boutique aux allures de grande cuisine, sont tous de grande qualité.

Par Alain Hochereau

Revue de presse


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Les Touilleurs
kitchen gadgets of superior quality

does anything stir the heart like a really amazing whisk? can anything warm you like a french enameled pot? can you contain yourself at the sight of tiny mise-en-place wooden bowls? if any of the above emotions apply to you, you’ll be very happy at les touilleurs. high-end kitchen gadgetry, when pointlessly expensive, can actually be grating. but here, the offerings are so carefully selected and include so many artisan and small-shop products that it’s just a delight to browse. if cooking tools genuinely excite you or if a blender can make you dizzy with joy, you belong here.

By Jan Faust


Canada’s Housewares Magazine
March 2008

A French flair for kitchenware

On Montreal’s west side, Les Touilleurs blends French panache with a classic kitchen ambiance Tucked away among trendy bistros and posh boutiques on the west side of Laurier Street in Montreal is Les Touilleurs, a stunning kitchenware store that resembles a beautiful French colonial kitchen in a large chalet. And that was exactly the intention of owners François Longpré and Sylvain Côté.

“We wanted a classic store with big open pantry displays that evoke true kitchen feelings,” . . . Longpré explains. “And in 10 years it will stay the same. When we first opened the store, Americans would say that the store was so French, and Europeans would come in and say that the store was so New York. That says exactly what we are – a blend of both. But we didn’t do it on purpose.

Les Touilleurs found a unique way of showcasing their impressive lines of products while engaging clientele at the same time. The kitchen in the back came with the store’s addition in 2004. It gave the owners the chance to invite renowned Quebec chefs to come to the store in the evenings for cooking demonstrations, a strategy that inevitably enticed clients even more. It also became a fantastic vehicle to show their products in the context of a kitchen as well as being used by some of the world’s most respected culinary connoisseurs.

By Jennifer Cox

Plaisirs de Vivre

Living with Style
December 2003
Volume 14 No 6

Les copains d’abord !

“Taking the time—even when you dont’t have the time. It’s a shame not to see someone just because you’re worried about what to serve for dinner.” For Sylvain Côté and François Longpré, luxury lies somewhere between fast food and slow food. It’s the pleasure of sharing and eating well, without biting off more than you can chew! That’s why they opened their boutique, Les Touilleurs: to make preparing food as much fun as sharing a meal around a table, simply by using the right kitchen tools.

By Céline Tremblay