Photographer: Jean Longpré

The Store

Les Touilleurs is more than a regular retail store. In addition to having a large variety of quality kitchen tools and a qualified staff to help customers make the best choice, the store in itself is a work of art where each item is presented at its best. Without losing anything of the warmth and cosiness that makes the space so welcoming, Les Touilleurs also has something of the look of an art gallery.

We determine our inventory based on what we consider to be the best products, carefully narrowing the selection without depriving the customer. It is important for us to offer products from around the world, products that must not only meet high standards in the quality of manufacture, but also in the quality of design.

Furthermore, Les Touilleurs brings the culinary experience to a new level by offering cooking classes given by the best chefs in Montreal three nights a week.


  • The 2008 – 2009 global honoree, Global Inovator Award, honouring Les Touilleurs as one of the five best concepts in the world
  • The 2008 – 2009 gia Canada Award, Homestyle - Canada’s Housewares Magazine
  • Retailer of the year 2004, Canadian Gift & Tableware Association (CGTA)
  • Grand prize 2003, Commerce Design Montreal

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